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Business Continuity Planning - Zzzz….

Updated: Apr 17

Don’t switch off on me. I know you don’t want to hear it, Mr/Mrs SMB Owner/Founder/CEO but maybe you should listen to me for 5 minutes and see how you feel.

I regularly wake up in a cold sweat re (some) of my clients lack of continuity planning and tech security.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, disruptions can strike unexpectedly. Whether your CEO is hit by a bus, the org hit by a cyberattack, someone (my money’s on the CEO again!) leaving a phone or laptop on a train, organisations need to be prepared to navigate these challenges without compromising their operations.

Business continuity is the key to maintaining resilience and minimising downtime during such events. But how can small and medium businesses effectively implement business continuity strategies without overwhelming their resources?

A simple Risk Assessment:

  • A RA to assess an organisation’s vulnerabilities, risks, and critical processes.

  • Create a customised business continuity plan that outlines the steps to take during disruptions.

  • Plans to cover data backup, communication protocols, and alternative work arrangement.

  • And who does what in the event of key personnel being out of action.

Cloud-Based Solutions and MDM:

  • Use of cloud technologies for data storage, backup, and recovery.

  • SMBs can securely store critical data off-site, ensuring accessibility even if their physical premises or hardware are compromised.

  • Mobile device management to ensure a certain standard of security (think long iPhone passcodes/forced use of face recognition) and the ability to block/wipe a missing device to protect customer/client/personal/business data.

I’ve been involved in setting up these cascades, RAs, softwares and processes for organisation’s in the past - so if this sounds like something you need help with. DM or email me! If you think this doesn’t affect you/you don’t need to worry about it… you clearly don’t have an imagination.

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